.picker: Weather picker

Weather picker works only on desktop and is not inteded for mobile use. It resides at windyApi.picker. It can be opened programatically by calling .open({ lat, lon }) or closed by .close() methods.

If the picker is opened outside of the visible map, it can lead to exception or it is closed afterwards. Also panning the map, so the picker gets outside map, leads to auto closing of the picker. Picker emits messages about its own state so use methods .on(), .off() or .once() to observe pickerOpened, pickerClosed and pickerMoved broadcasts.

While picker is opened use its method .getParams() to get picker coordinates and raw meteorological values in the location of the picker.

Converting raw meteorological values to readable numbers

Raw meteorological units returned from weather picker are usually described in respective documentation for ECMWF, GFS or other used forecast models. Use windApi.utils to convert these values to something more useful.

Most popular overlays have these values:


Array [ U, V ], where U and V are wind vectors in m/s. To compute wind magnitude and direction use utils.wind2obj( values ), which returns { dir: 210.4334, wind: 10.2 }

temperature, dewPoint

Temperature in K

rain, rainAccumulation

Rain for duration of 3 or selected accumulation period in mm

waves, swell

Array [ U, V, size] where U and V are direction vectors and wave size is in m. Period in seconds is computed as Math.sqrt( U * U + V * V ). Use utils.wave2obj( values ), which returns { dir: 325.9878, size: 2.4, period: 8 }

To convert values to user's selected metrics use .convertNumber(num) or .convertValue(num) methods of respective overlays instance. While converNumber just recalculates value and return a number, convertValue adds name of a metric and returns a string. For example overlays.wind.convertNumber(10) returns 19, while overlays.wind.convertValue(10) return "19kt".

Source code

    <script src="https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.4.0/dist/leaflet.js"></script>
    <script src="https://api4.windy.com/assets/libBoot.js"></script>
  		#windy {
  			width: 100%;
  			height: 300px;
    <div id="windy"></div>

    const options = {
        key: 'PsLAtXpsPTZexBwUkO7Mx5I',
        lat: 50.4, lon: 14.3, zoom: 5,

    windyInit( options, windyAPI => {

        const { picker, utils, broadcast } = windyAPI

        picker.on('pickerOpened', latLon => {
            // picker has been opened at latLon coords

            let { lat, lon, values, overlay } = picker.getParams()
            // -> 50.4, 14.3, 'wind', [ U,V, ]

            let windObject = utils.wind2obj( values )

            console.log( windObject )


        picker.on('pickerMoved', latLon => {
            // picker was dragged by user to latLon coords

        picker.on('pickerClosed', () => {
            // picker was closed

        // Wait since wather is rendered
        broadcast.once('redrawFinished', () => {

            picker.open({ lat: 48.4, lon: 14.3 })
            // Opening of a picker (async)





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